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Journal of English in Education


Journal of English in Education is an e-journal aimed to facilitate English teachers and practitioners to share experiences, ideas, research, etc.

Subject Matters

Journal of English in Education invites submissions of articles in the following categories:

Teaching English
We invite articles with any aspects of Teaching English at any levels of education. It may relate to methods, approach, materials, syllabus, assessments, and other micro areas.

English Language
Articles deal with the English language it self such as grammar, vocabulary, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, socio-linguistics, and other related area are also welcomed.

Any articles discussing English in other context, such as business, communication, literature, etc are accepted as long as they are in the field of education.


Length : 8 - 15 pages (4000 - 7000 words) including table, appendixes, list of references. 1.5 spaces.
Font : Times New Roman 12
Title : should not exceed 14 words
Abstract : should be between 300 – 350 words
Key Words : 5 - 7 words
Style : Articles submitted must have clear headings and subheadings
References : APA system
Term of Acceptance
  • Editor has the right to decide published articles.
  • Unpublished articles will be notified to the writers.
  • The articles submitted must not have been published previously. For ethic purpose, the writer must not submit similar articles to other journals until they get notification.
  • Editor reserves the right to edit all published articles without changing the content.
  • Contribution should be sent to or



Managing Editor
Joice Yulinda Luke

Assistant Managing Editor
Nani Fitriani

Riza Lestari
R. Adelina
Dwi Panggah Wijiharjo

Peer Reviewers
Sri Sulastini (State University of Jakarta Language Center)
Tuo Jianming (School of Foreign Languages: Lanzhou University, China)
Nicola Latimer (Bedfordshire University Language Center)

IT Support
Frisy Handayani

Collections in this community

Recent Submissions

  • Iskandar, Ifan (Journal of English in Education, Perbanas Institute, 2012)
    In the late 1950s and, increasingly, in 1960s, cognitive models of learning and knowledge acquisition arose. Largely through the pioneer works of Noam Chomsky in linguistics and David Ausubel and others in educational ...
  • Chodidjah, Itje (Journal of English in Education, Perbanas Institute, 2012)
    In the history of English Language Teaching in Indonesia, several changes of curriculum have been made from time to time. The latest change in Indonesian English curriculum was done in 2006. Unlike all previous curricula, ...
  • Dwi Rosita Sari, Imelda (Journal of English in Education, Perbanas Institute, 2012)
    Materials evaluation is a procedure that involves measuring the value (or potential value) of a set of learning materials. It involves making judgments about the effect of the materials on the people using them. ...
  • Nasanius, Yassir (Journal of English in Education, Perbanas Institute, 2012)
    I think we all agree that the foreign dignitary committed a social blunder in the above anecdote because he was not able to speak English. Linguistically speaking, the fact that he hardly ...
  • Fitriani, Nani (Journal of English in Education, Perbanas Institute, 2012)
    Most theories of Gender in Language explain that there is inequality between men and women in communication. This inequality, which is caused by social norms and cultural context, has lead people to an ...

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